Ginger is first introduced, when Fangtasia was robbed, and several thousand dollars stolen, Eric Northman asks Bill Compton for Sookie
Stackhouse's help. Ginger is there. Pam Swynford De Beaufort brings in Ginger. She is the last of the witnesses of the robbery. She knows who stole the money, but she has been glamoured by Longshadow, the thief.

After Sookie finds out that Longshadow has stolen the money, Longshadow leaps forward and attacks Sookie, Bill grabs a plank of wood and kills Longshadow.

Ginger has to be glamoured again because she saw the whole thing. Before the whole attack, Ginger was mean towards Sookie, but, later, after she was glamoured again, she was nice to Sookie.

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