Pam Sensing Maker Eric Gif
Power Info
Name Sensing
Purpose One vampire is able to receive a "call" from their progeny or human companion
Used by Vampires
Alignment Neutral/Good

Sensing is a power that a vampire, or maker, has over their progeny or a human that has had their blood.



  • Calling: When a maker "calls" their progeny, it sounds like the progeny's name. The progeny will feel a shiver and, sometimes, has to come.
  • Feeling: If a progeny is in trouble, a maker can sense it and it is up to them to react. (See: Sixth Sense)


When a maker "calls" their progeny they will feel a shiver, and will hear his or her name.


Once a human has had vampire blood, the vampire is linked to the human's emotions. If the human is in trouble, the vampire can feel it.

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