One of Pam's True Secrets is Pam's human life.

Secret Human YearsEdit

Creator Alan Ball explains the backstory of Pam:

"Pam was part of a fancy upper crust English family and she got caught with another woman. They sent her to Califonia to live with 'relatives', but when she arrived, there were no 'relatives'- the family basically said "buh-bye." Being resourceful, and a survior, she became very succseful Madam of a brothel."


According to writer Raelle Tucker:

"The origin of Pam is probably one of my favorite things that I've been able to do. I love period. I love the setting and I find the world very exciting. Bringing Bill and Lorena into that world is a fun surprise. If you look back at Season 1 you feel this underlying tension between Eric, Bill and Pam that we've never really explained. It's very satisfying to answer those questions."

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