I being the first one other than Queen Buffy to post a blog on this wiki would like to say that am a really big fan of hers and she’s one of my favorite characters on the show.

That being said I want to start a discussion on her Making/Mothering skills. In the flash backs that we’ve seen Pam thought the only way to escape her pending horrible future of a TB infected Madame was to become a vampire and she asked Mr. Northman to turn her, he explains to her that being a maker is an eternal responsibility when she said she could take care of herself he said abandoning a new born vampire is like throwing a new born baby into the gutter. 100 and 4 Years have passed and she makes Tara a troubled young lady who she’s spent the last month trying to kill , I can understand that Pam ,missing her maker and all may not have been in her right mind when she mad Tara but she did and she left him and well you know how the rest goes , she saves her from death by tanning bed and she has that moment where she looks at Tara and tells her not to try suicide ever again , and I think aww she a mommy now, she spends the rest of the episode being a good maker ,

Introduction to the family, letting Dad know he’s a grandfather: check

Checking on the Baby and making sure she’s sleeping ok: check

Waking the baby and making sure she feed and doesn’t develop a eating disorder even after grandpa just disowned her : check

So am think ok , this is good Pam is a good maker , I want to be her progeny now , but then Tara makes the little mistake of eating her food without asking (as you do ) and Mother Pam embarrasses her in front of the entire bar and threatens to give her the Russell Edginton treatment WTF so am like ok she probably going to apologize or whatever Pam does to show she’s sorry later, then I saw Next week’s episode and well I won’t spoil it for anyone but am kind of really disappointed in Pam after watching that , what do you guys think ? is Pam going to change and be a good mom or do you think she fine the way she is

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